From Manager To Director Workshop

Unstuck in your career with this 6-weeks workshop. Understand the game, craft your winning story and design development plan to deliver on your ambitions

World doesn’t need more directors, but it can use better leaders

Well, your company doesn’t need more directors. In fact, if you are great at what you do, there are even more reasons to keep you where you are. But the world can use better leaders. Become one, and nothing will stand in your way

Start building your leadership identity with intention

The longer you are a manager — the better manager you are. That is it, folks. If you want more, work for it. But also work differently. Consciously. Intentionally. I’m here to guide and support

Take a step back. Grasp the view. Move forward

To learn is not enough. You need to understand, apply, live it through, and also whisper about it on every corner. Make them see that Jodie or Matt, whom they may have known for years, is not the same sweet little manager anymore

“Hang on a second, you’ve been a manager for how long now?”

Become a director already!

  • Apply for the position.
  • Win the competition.

That simple. Simple doesn’t mean easy. Through the course of six weeks, we’ll work on:

Your winning story
Understand the game and craft the killer story that beats any fancy already-a-director.

Skills to match it
Back your story with skills on par, building on your strengths and staying true to yourself.

Development plan to get there
Define your development areas that matter and a practical plan to go after them.

Network to unlock growth
Break through biases and build on others’ support.

Hey, listen…

It’s not yet another mindfulness course. You’ll use your mind, but, you know, in a straightforward way. It’s the workshop, so you’ll have to work on it.

It’s Time For A Change

This course may save you years. But you’ll profit, even if it speeds up your promotion for just one month.


Hi! I’m Ilya, and I’m so curious to meet you

I’ve been a director for 19 years out of my 20-year career. At start, I was pretty shitty at it, failing a lot and learning a lot, striving to get the most for my teams out of our time together. From those early days, I have come a long way. And so did people around me.

I’ve interviewed, trained, coached, and pissed off countless managers. Arguably, most of them are grateful for the experience. This development cookbook is the result of that cooperation. It was built, tested, tasted, burned down, rebuilt, and finally proven to work for many.

I am dedicating it to Lars, Priya, and all those wonderful people who trusted me to guide their development and have already moved forward in their careers.