The Directors Skills & Knowledge Checklist

Assess your knowledge across 7 focus topics and 174 competences. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, and land a development plan to break through

How close you are to the next level?

Feel stuck as a manager?

– Work hard, and the bright future awaits!
– I think I’m ready.
– But you still have so much to develop?!

The corporate development plan? It sounds like a holdback plan to me! Companies are rarely engaged in systematic employee development beyond formalities. Even if you get the plan, no one will ever commit to anything in case you actually deliver on it.

Own your career. Get inspired by your well-deserved promotion, or get angry. We’ll work it out. With this self-assessment, you will map your solid sides and the gaps, and will start designing your personal victorious competence profile.

Is It For You?

Rare manager

Vigorous and bold, with this checklist you can plan ahead and be intentional about your work-related decision

Well-done manager

Overcooked, almost burned out. Still eager to grow. Ready for the next step, but somewhat stuck. It is you who we had in mind!


Take a step back and reflect on your competence profile. Are you well-rounded, sharp-pointed, or can use few patches?

What’s Inside?

The checklist covers seven topics critical for any director.

Your Director’s Story

Are you ready for the job market? Can you get through the biases of your manager? What’s your sales pitch?


How good are you in 1-1 relationships, team leadership, cross-functional and external management?

Strategic Thinking

From delivering day-to-day business to planning a long-term future, how does your skillset look like?

Competence & Knowledge

Do you know enough to get deep into your function but also rise far above when needed?

Personal Excellence

Are you self-aware? Are you taking good care of yourself? What efforts do you put into self-efficiency and personal management?

Networking & Fame

How vast is your network? How many followers do you have? Do others advocate for you?


What makes you you? What are the extras that make you stand out from the crowd?

The Tipping Point

Get your downloadable copy of The Director’s Skills & Knowledge Checklist and start working towards your next role.