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Our Principles

Seize the system. Once you understand how something works, you gain control over it. You know what matters and what’s missing. Details may alter, but you’ll nail the job every single time.

That’s “a step back”. Get above nonsense and grasp the big picture. Unstuck!

Make-or-break points. There is just too much knowledge about any topic today. Well, you can’t study it all. So you shouldn’t. Our focus is always on pivotal factors, those few that define the outcome.

Crossroad logic. There are millions of ways to slice a pizza and millions more to solve for the ideal dough recipe. Simple yet powerful, the crossroad logic demystifies any complexity. There is no leap of faith, no right or wrong. It’s either this or that, and there is no third.

Practice first. The best way to master anything is to start doing it. Through actions, theory transforms into skill. Small wins breed confidence. Revealed gaps present the opportunity to advance and breakthrough.

Take a step back.
Grasp the view.
Move forward

We all have our superpowers. Mine is breaking things

Since an early age, I was just too curious to know what’s inside. Later, this became my formula for life: tear it apart, see how it works, and assemble back in a better, more efficient way. Well, the assembling bit took a while, but here we are.

There’re a few topics that I’m crazy about—life, growth, future, storytelling, strategy, marketing, leadership—so I’ve spent more time thinking about them than most people.

Now is your turn. Think about it. It’s all in the words. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? And so it works.